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tv   Keiser Report  RT  March 8, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm EST

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because don of r.t. . we have some news just in from syria is eastern ghouta we're told that terrorists there have shelled a large group containing both civilians and journalists who were near the exit from the besieged anglais russia's reconciliation center says that nearly three hundred families have been affected by this there are no there's no information though so far on casualties well that is just hours after a humanitarian convoy was temporarily prevented from entering the besieged syrian area on thursday due to military developments on the ground that is according to a spokesperson for the red cross the situation in eastern guta remains die.
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but. the british foreign secretary has defended u.k. ties with saudi arabia after a visit by the saudi crown prince to london prompted protests outside downing street denouncing riyadh's deadly three year bombing of yemen. britain supports side arabia's right to defend its national security against missile attacks from
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yemen many of which have targeted the kingdom cities including riyadh any solution to the conflict must ensure that saudi arabia no longer faces this cross border security threat. well around four hundred people did gather to protest against the royal visit activists condemned the war in yemen and u.k. arms sales to the kingdom similar concerns were also raised in parliament by the leader of the opposition. the humanitarian disaster is now taking place in yemen millions face starvation six hundred thousand children have cholera because of the saudi led bombing campaign and the block germany has suspended arms sales to saudi arabia but british arms sales of sharply increased and british military advisers are directing the wall it cannot be right that a good government this is it cannot be right that her government is trying looting
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in one of the united nations ses is evidence of war crimes some though to come out in support of the saudi crown prince and to ensure he got a warm reception the promotional ad campaign was also launched the prince's face adorned the sides of vans and taxis as well as billboards throughout the city center these ads to contend with the red double decker bus carrying banners branding the prince of war criminal we spoke to people on the streets about what they thought of the pro saudi posters but is it convincing anyone in the u.k. that the abuses of human rights the saudis are doing good is just propaganda for them back at home to say oh look look how look at what this great well it's just a blatant propaganda display so it comes back to reflect badly on saudi arabia. that they're trying to manipulate this public opinion while on the eve of the visit saudi arabia's foreign minister head to try to ease the concerns of critics saying
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that the war in yemen had been quote imposed on riyadh he added it was a justified war backed by international law although unicef has called it the worst manmade humanitarian crisis in history. racially motivated hostility and crimes against germans in berlin is becoming more commonplace apparently that's according to the capitol security chief with more details on the story his paper all of. the burly interior minister has had some pretty unexpected things to say about how native germans target in the nation's capital i have heard it's not the norm but it is becoming more common to keep quiet about it would be wrong a recent survey has shown that where is this time last year around two thirds of the said they felt safe in their city that's around just over half these days while those that said they felt very insecure it risen from nine percent a year ago to around sixteen percent right now as for what is fueling those fears
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or sort of pointed towards the influx of refugees and migrants into areas like this . district the local integration officer here says this well refugees don't fear arrest as they know that they'll be instantly released by the police should they be caught breaking the law that says the i don't think crime has decreased on the contrary it's actually increased i'd say ninety five percent of the crimes here are committed by foreigners that's way too much i think in general due to social media people start to panic way earlier. this is way news spread quite quickly and. i wouldn't say that berlin has gotten more dangerous or any pain i think it's just because of all the news server like it's spread all over the balloon and they just make a big deal out of every time the crime that's committed. this is you and so
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political our politicians should be made to commute using the underground for one week and they made to hang out in this neighborhood that way they would see what the situation is really like has become very hostile and aggressive not nice at all . some of the politicians who represent the area say that perception of danger could become the new reality if a majority of the people have the feeling that they don't feel secure anymore and there is some missteps some basics for that many things that are not even declared to the police as crime or as a rassmann or whatever you can call it because you know well the police cannot do anything about it because our justice system is like that well they come in for maybe five hours and then they let them off again punishment is something that evidently or apparently in berlin context isn't there anymore and perhaps it's the thing that things could get worse that's driving public opinion to feel that the
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german capital has become less safe peter all of us. now still to come here and say this afternoon people in california are getting irritated by the growing role of robots after a number of awkward incidents will tell you what those are just off the back. walking selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles. that you socks for the tell you that every gossip the public. doesn't tell you. like. we all know what. forming the stock market oh my god blackstone. i suggest
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you short your money in your own corporate balance sheet and blow your brains as. they give us. again now californians do seem to be getting increasingly irate automation in san francisco for example there have been a number of attacks on driving cars here with passers by banging on their windows and also on their bonnets and in the same city a robotic guard was taken out of service after a public outcry with security bought was tasked with shaving away homeless people
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from outside business offices it was vandalized there numerous times during its patrols and also there are new reports that kitchen assistant in a burger joint has angered some. well that robot there is no news philippi and has prompted the twitter hash tag rise of the robots with some complaining jobs are being stolen from people others see automation as inevitable one expert we spoke to says it's no surprise though that people are angry. robotics is developing very fast and it's going to begin parents and it's already having big so it's not surprising that you're already seeing these kinds of reactions from people when you start to talk about out.
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of jobs are being threatened by the introduction of. the economy. fifty percent unemployment ok that is a crisis of social political economic crisis one of the possible outcomes and one of the likely possible. is is massive violence you know it was kind of vandalism and sounds honest i think you'll be seeing but you'll be seeing even larger scale disruptions if there are appropriate adjustments in our political and economic arrangements we need to start redistributing things more fairly early to start to pay people to take care of people and clean up the communities and to do so many sins and we in the end to make sure that people that at that technology instead of being dispossessed by technology. that the story of
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a russian m.p. accused of harassing female journalists has been making the headlines this week and despite denying the accusations the m.p.'s and i decided to apologize today with more details his jackley vegas joins us from the new jacqueline just give us some background then about the man at the center of this still well the man in the spotlight is lee and it's whiskey and he's a member of the russian duma and this all actually came out a couple weeks ago in february when number of unnamed female journalists came out with accusations of sexual harassment against him and it has since no ball with more and more women coming forward one of those was the reporter from b.b.c.'s russian service and she says that she has a recording of an incident where slutsky made inappropriate advances and also groped her adventure. now at this point that recording has not yet been fully released now throughout all of this he has denied the claims and said that it's just a smear campaign that was until today of course today is international women's day
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and use the opportunity to write an apology and a pace in the post on facebook whilst also celebrating the holiday but like to use this occasion to apologize to anyone who intentionally or not i have caused any emotional stress believe me there were no bad intentions. now amid all of this the speaker of the duma has. cast doubts on the claims that are being made and has also made a suggestion to him and that has infuriated quite a few. is something to consider what if this was all just a provocation if you have someone you should apologize but if you provoke you should be held accountable is it dangerous for you to work in the duma if so then change your jobs. now of course all this has prompted an outcry especially among journalists who have been demanding that the appropriate steps be taken and today
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a protest was even held outside of the state duma many of those participating were in fact members of the media as well and at this point the ethics committee has opened an investigation and will have to write an answer to any and all formal accusations that are made and if any of those answers are found to be lacking he could eventually lose his immunity now one positive step is being made in all of this and that's being done by another member of the state duma pushkin to she's promised to fast track in all bill in forces gender equality and target sexual harassment in the government ok thanks jackie that was our shishakly view there with the details. i mean women around the world are marking international women's day including imagery where they have to be making some noise. you are they behead banging on fox and pounds in support
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of women's rights chanting slogans such as if we stop the world stop. people in south korea also took to the streets and so in support of the meeting movement calling for sex offenders to be brought to justice and russia women are traditionally given flowers to mark the day and with more on that case than holcomb's. you base think this is black friday or perhaps a cue for the latest always phone or some kind of sanction product but note this is the eighth of march international women's day here in russia no self respecting mine would be seen dead without a bow k. in his hands and we're at flower market the best and the busiest place to get up ok . but look at what the steward and their mom would have loved just can't up would she want of us to still have shoes measured most of martha stewart as a present to do you change should i need is a solution for c.p.u. the boy was not present still but would as it's valuable got in the soil because
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one year you're just avoiding show at least. for good if you show up for study years. according to polls more than half of men of buying flowers for their loved ones to date with sales shooting up ten times to put that into perspective over thirty million dollars of flowers registered on the moscow customs alone just in february. i don't think i was i mean he does dizzy studied the metal for a change in all the movie idea and that i would do that empirically he was a key that was out of the new clutches they all know that. knowing just how. all today is russia are got nothing left to do but to buy some flowers as well. i found it. reversed but i
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because. we do to sort of use it off the civil year to proceed to. surprise the go bust reviews that oversupply the resource. i feel. good because the view if so somewhere someone else or. i see that russian president because it was that i was surprised that most of my people that is far to a bunch of. as much as i see russia stand holkins there reporting from moscow earlier today as i've been using so far we're back with more as usual in thirty five minutes time.
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becky i don't. want to see. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all the time but there was one more question and by the way he's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and a huge amount of pressure you have to go i mean eighty percent of the shuttle we are with you and do all the great britain you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down there we have to go. alone. and i'm really happy to join the team for the two thousand and three the
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world cup in russia meet the special one it was also appreciated me to say the review theology team's latest edition at this because i need to just say look. you're constantly that. something is good in kosovo all but for barcelona oh but for all for. a whatever. the principle is good all the principle is bad has to be apply equally and that is not being done. oh i max guys are host of the kaiser report stamp has not yet responded to
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our invitation to appear on the show but we're still going to try in the meantime let's talk about the things that affect your life and my life stacey lambert what do you get your to tie is the right. way you know there. are flying nun flying post like a fly around the village and help people in size into their souls i can see interest lol i'm sally field who. well you know you brought up in the last episode donald trump taking on the n.r.a. bizarrely like this is one of the only lobbyist groups that you cannot take on the third rail of american politics it is you're never allowed to mention them maybe eyes and how it was the last person and he did it exiting
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didn't take on the n.r.a. but certainly took on the same sort of military industrial sort of weapons industrial complex but here just that it like in front of this bipartisan group of lawmakers and stunned everybody and they were like well what what what what how do we respond to that but the reason why this is important is because of course there are midterm elections coming up and. you know the theory always is that the incumbent party i.e. the republicans lose big time in the midterm elections the first of the new administration and he should be losing big time so don't trump however is a wild card and of course nobody ever knows what sort of impact he has on things but this one is quite remarkable as g.o.p. tax cuts take hold dems struggle for a line of attack so this is from the washington post and they go to indiana where basically there's a democrat and
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a senator their first term and he's up for reelection against right now there are three republicans competing to be the nominee for the republican ticket to take him on and donald trump won indiana of course so they're looking at this race and seeing how the tax cuts are impacting the race there democrats predicted a political backlash for republicans in december when the g.o.p. pushed through a deeply unpopular tax cut that added more than one trillion dollars to the federal deficit and disproportionately help the wealthy but at the outset of the twenty eight hundred campaign season democrats early optimism appear is less well founded here where democrat joe donnelly is facing a tough senate reelection fight so the new law is apparently before the vote took place and before it became law people were listening to the news and thought they weren't going to see anything in from the tax cuts that i would all go to the
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wealthy but all these nonstop headlines of thousand dollar bonus apples going to create new jobs wal-mart is going to create new jobs while markets every thousand dollars like all the sort of headlines are actually trickling down so now support by the voter is above fifty percent down below zero zero zero down avails you know . or not resent but i question the question. i'm curious about your cynicism regarding trump and gun laws i mean maybe he was moved by the sight of all these young kid is getting gunned down with these weapons of mass destruction and decided to do something for the country you know that would be my take on it now as far as the democrat's inability to understand trump at every turn i can sum it up in two words financial illiteracy this is common on the left they want to do good but they have no idea how the economy works how finances work how capitalism works
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and they simply want to do good they just keep repeating that be fair do good but they never have any as america's economy that's like the multi-trillion dollar economy that's competing in the in the world you know if we don't have the luxury of just you know twiddling our thumbs and being good to me we have to be competitive or we shrink down in the global table of competitive countries and we would lose our ability to supply a standard of living across the country that people in america have grown accustomed to so there are a lot of ways you can modify policy and economic reform that would diminish the parasites in the economy like a jamie diamond yes of course but to simply say that well the tax breaks are going to cause x. and we're completely wrong about it and now we're probably going to lose in the toy eighteen midterms because they're financially illiterate is part and parcel with
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the long term tradition of the party knowing nothing i'm not sure they're going to lose in the midterms perhaps in the senate these. i don't know if they're going to like it doesn't look that they're going to lose certainly the democrats have a good chance in the house of representatives it's the senate they're talking about here about whether or not this is going to impact them but the point is that even now nobody understands trump because one tweet one he speaks whatever is on his mind even to take on the third rail of u.s. politics which is the n.r.a. . we don't know if he planned that or if it just he just uttered these words that everybody there is owned by the n.r.a. and they can't do anything nobody knows but the fact is that the democrats rely on traditional pollsters traditional analysts traditional advisors traditional consultants who only know traditional sort of politics and so they seem totally
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flabbergasted and stumped and surprised constantly by trial them the leadership know who and how do you get the data but you have to make a decision ok just say or go run by the data and let the data run our lives you have to make a decision based on the data that's what trump does he's a leader nobody the democrats will stand up and do something well he leads with his mouth and he's his tweets let's say that but here the politics in america has always been that the republicans always say we can't have deficits. don't let the government run up these deficits they're running up these definite deficits in order to take care of all these welfare queens and the reason why we don't want these deficits as your grandchildren and your children and all the great grandchildren are going to pay for this and you don't want to leave your all these debts your grandchildren that's the republican since ronald reagan have said that sort of thing well now that tax payers are receiving thousand dollar bonuses and sometimes just twenty thirty forty fifty dollars more
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a week or every two weeks and their paycheck here is what the democrat in indiana joe donnelly is saying to that to this reporter at the washington post. that's a great thing that people are getting some benefits the loci donnelly said in an interview at a coffee shop in downtown indianapolis last week but the first term senator contended that if voters understood the full implications of the legislation they might be inclined to turn down those one thousand dollars bonuses or retirement account contributions from midwestern businesses such as a health insurance firm and fifth third bank or here's the proposition that they're not saying but that's the truth so donnelly will have a thousand dollars out there and you'll get that in return and this is the part that goes unspoken he said we're going to send your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren the bill for that they will pay it with interest repeatedly year after year after year much of it is going to the chinese and others so not
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only did he use the deficits they that the republicans do but then he uses a racist slur that it's a chinese you're going to get as i knew you when i was white people i am gobsmacked that's a democrat yeah that's it i regret a democrat who never said no to a spending program that comes down the pike ever believes in keynesian economics that debt fixes everything membrey centers is like just crying creates the debt more debt that's now their response to trump putting cash into people's pocket from a democrat is that you've got to look down the road here because all this debt you know bites in the in the back right again financial illiteracy if they knew what they were the words you know people can hear the words coming out of their mouths you know this is not in a vacuum we know what they're saying and we hear that they're financially illiterate and morons well i don't think it's financial literacy or economic and
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literacy i think it's just a complete failure to understand basic humans voters people like they live in a bubble. aware of washington d.c. which is a true genuine bubble of ideas and ideology but also economically here a thousand dollars or even fifty bucks in some guy's pocket is changes their perception of the world around them and that's just the simple it's so obvious and simple and like bill clinton got it i don't understand why these people can't get it is just that people don't care about the deficit the republicans have been saying that over and over and over but they you know the fact is the ordinary person doesn't care about that as long as they have money in their pocket as the washington post says here it had polled abysmally amid forecasts that some voters will pay higher taxes in years to come and the democrats believe those polls just like they believe the polls they hillary somehow despite the obvious absence of any
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you know passionate support for her they believe the polls that house still she would miraculously win here they believe the wrong polls that people would be against these tax cuts but all you need to do is put fifty cents in their pocket and they feel what fifty cent and it is again to put fifty cent in your pocket. to fifty cents in your pocket is happy to say me what's going on here he's a seem like everywhere this guy now i get it so look the money in your pocket is very convincing you know you got a thousand bucks i remember when i went back under reagan i was a proofreader in a rubber stamp factory and reagan changed the withholding tax so i got an extra fifty bucks in my paycheck. or probably. get paid every two weeks and i don't think going to wow and i remember very distinctly my coworker this lovely black woman who was looking at this my coworker and. there is
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more money for. more money for you honey something to that effect. paraphrase of course but you know she was the real for you but i was there all the mother for the money people want the money there and so this could be a you know throw the traditional midterm election theme a little bit make it more unpredictable than is usually predictable but there's another one which is the tax cuts have hit a lot of homeowners and places like new york city and san francisco well ok they're normally not going to vote republican anyway but you know pending home sales tumbled to a three year low as housing crisis worsens so pending home sales fell four point seven percent in january this usually takes a while to trickle through but the point is that you know the largest private land owner in the u.s. . the landlord is blackstone group so since there's been a allege recovery.

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